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xoxo, Cat & Brooke

For your wedding day, we want to find every detail that you put into your wedding. Every piece of your day is important. We have to capture that. Your wedding should feel fun, effortless, and be the best wedding ever.

We are always happy to do photography and videography locally, find you the perfect spot, and create memories that you'll cherish.  But, if you do feel like a little escape - we adore destination weddings as well. We have too strong of a wanderlust not to see your love story happen thousands of miles away! 


 Our philosophy behind our photography and videography is simple - create genuine, stunning photos and videos that capture the day, the feel, and the love of our couples. 

We are a wife team and feel as though that makes us even stronger. We work with our strengths  so we can provide the perfect experience for you.  We both have dynamic personalities that play to both the detail oriented side of weddings as well as the hurricane of emotions.

While our quality is consistent, in addition to the light and romantic feel of our photography, we believe that each couple is completely different which dictates how we shoot their wedding. Believing strongly in styled, but natural feeling photos, each signature shot of the bride, groom, or wedding party feels just a little different. We coax our style to create a perfect reflection of your wedding.

We want to shoot your wedding simply because this is what we love to do!


The first contact you have and your primary shooter for weddings and engagement sessions, I am there with you every step of the way.

My favorite part of weddings is all the raw emotion. The happy tears, the excitement and nerves ahead of time, and of course, the crazy fun of it all. I love how emotional weddings are. 

In my spare time, I'm usually spending time watching movies, reading, or hanging out with our three (yes, three) Alaskan Klee Kai which may very well be the most adorable dogs ever. Most of my time is spent editing your gorgeous weddings on a couch, bad TV in the background. Yoga pants, and coffee that I've reheated 3 or 4 times are my best friends during editing marathons. 

I love my work, my business, and what I get to do. I want to shoot your wedding because I want those happy tears of joy when you see your wedding photos.

about Brooke

You know that amazing kid you knew growing up who was a bit of a daredevil? Jumping off the tallest branch of the tree, racing their bike a little too fast, or doing other death defying stunts that make parents cringe? That is Brooke.

Not only has she leaned off rooftops for the perfect angle of a wedding ceremony, climbed into a creek to get the best shot of a wedding party, but she also is phenomenal at photography AND videography. Yes, she does both and, in optimal weather and location conditions, is an epic drone operator.

In her spare time, she rides her quad, hikes waterfalls, travels even for the smallest day trip, and enjoys all the pizza. Like all of it. Hockey and a baseball fan, she can't wait to shoot your wedding while making sure you are having a fun, relaxing day. 

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OUR favorite things


amazing coffee

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Engagement sessions are the perfect time to show your personalities as much as possible. Don't limit yourself to someplace simple or just nearby! Think about what you love to do together, where you love to go, or any places that have significant meaning like where he proposed or where you met.

The sky is the limit for engagement shoots. We have been standing in two feet of snow, literally in a stream, and even on the Las Vegas strip. Destination engagement sessions are an amazing alternative to a local shoot if there is a place that holds a strong significance. So dream it and tell us about it!

engagement sessions



You absolutely do! We feel that it is so important that you have full access to your photos and that includes high resolution digitals with full printing rights. You will be able to see your photos in an online gallery, share them with whoever you'd like, and your friends and family will be able to view, order, and more from around the world.

DO We receive our digital photos?

TIMELINE! I am not joking. A clear, succinct timeline can make a wedding run so smoothly. Get advice on your timeline from your vendors - they are a wealth of knowledge. Also, share your final timeline not only with your vendors, but also your families and wedding party so they know when and where they need to be for all crucial parts of the day.

Best piece of advice for your wedding!

Most photographers have tons and tons of canvases, albums, and prints from weddings in their homes. We are always trying to find the highest quality products for our couples. We feel that these are not just photos, but heirlooms and art that should be enjoyed for generations. We both love paging through our parents' wedding album and seeing the day unfold.

Why order prints and albums from your photographer?

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