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Wildlife in Need Center – Photography for a Cause

Karin and I have many loves – coffee, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, mouthwatering pizza, and animals. From a little kid reading and rereading my parents’ National Geographic magazines, I have always loved animals big and small.

One of the best parts about photography is being able to share it for worthy causes. We spread our talent where we can. Ever since our 2016 bride, Alex, signed on with us, I have been dying to volunteer for the nonprofit that she works at. The Wildlife in Need Center nestled away in a forested portion of Oconomowoc is a fabulous organization. Taking in thousands of wildlife from reptiles to amphibians to mammals and birds, they rescue, rehabilitate, and, hopefully, release all the animals that they can.


We had the incredible experience of photographing their amazing animal ambassadors who, due to permanent injuries or constant prior human contact, are unable to be released into the wild. Instead, these animals have the fabulous job of educating the public. They open the minds of children, educate on how to avoid accidents and dangerous situations for wildlife, and create a bond between people and the animals living around them.

As a nonprofit, they can ALWAYS use your help and donations. In addition to monetary donations, they also need supplies quite regularly:

*Nut Meats

Whole Nuts

Puppy Chow

* EVO (Cat & Kitten Food)-

Can be purchased at Pet Supplies Plus

*Earthworms, red worms, wax worms, mealworm, crickets

 Gram Scales

 Calcium Chloride Ice Melt (plant safe)

 Artificial Plants and Trees

 *Laundry Detergent

 *Simple Green (concentrate and spray bottles)

 *Disinfecting Bleach

 *Paper Towels and Septic Safe Toilet Paper

 Poop Off (Bird poop removing spray)

*Trash bags – 13 & 39 gallon

 *Freezer zip top food bags- quart & gallon

*Postage Stamps 

Copier paper

Epson printer ink 68 or 69 and 200 (black, magenta, cyan, yellow)

Energy-efficient halogen light bulbs to replace 60-75 watt

 Energy-saver replacement CFL light tunes (18 watt PL-C G24Q-24-pin base)

 R20 Reflector light bulb 50 watt replacement

Medical Equipment

Radiography Protective Gowns and Gloves
Small Autoclave (for sterilization)
Neonatal Incubators
Small Incubator (for warming fluids)
Tweezers (stainless steel, straight)
Gram Scales

Medical Supplies

Sterile Syringes (1.0 ml to 60.0 ml)
Sterile Needles (27 – 18 gauge) ***We CANNOT accept any needles over 18 gauge for disposal reasons***
Disposable Gowns
Lactated Ringers Sterile Fluid Bags
Incontinence Reusable Underpads
Transparent Tegaderm Dressing (any size)
Micropore Medical Tape (1″ width)
Latex or Vinyl Exam Gloves (sterile or non)
Alcohol Prep Pads

***Sorry but we CANNOT accept:  Sutures or Sterile IV Kits ***
***Please CALL before donating any MEDICATIONS***

Grounds and Maintenance 

Rock Salt
Artificial Plants and Trees
Energy-efficient Halogen Light Bulbs (60 – 70 watt replacement)
Energy-saver replacement CFL Light Tubes (18 watt PL-C G24Q-24 pin base)
R20 Reflector Light Bulbs (50 watt replacement)


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