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The Sister Team: The Benefits and Behind the Scenes

Did you know that up until the last couple years, we never advertised that we were sisters? So worried that we would come across as unprofessional compared to scores of studios with total strangers partnered together, we didn’t tell many people. Some would guess – a super clever groom noticed that we have the same mannerisms or I would slip up and say “our parents”. Here I was searching high and low for the perfect, family run boutique stores that had flawlessly curated inventory and stunning displays that spoke to me and I NEVER thought that anyone else would see it that way.

With Karin and I loud and happy about being sisters, the overall response has been fantastic. People love that family is so important to us. They think it’s hysterical that we have our own signals and can read one another from across the room. Best, Karin and I are total opposites. This is true.

Cathleen: Emotional, creative one who cries at literally every wedding. Laying in the grass despite ticks and bugs to find the perfect light. Shoots every single portrait shot and is a bit of a control freak over the couple photos because they have to be perfect (not the couple, they have to be genuine, but the actual shot has to be perfect). Dog obsessed and has 3 vacuums and 2 lint rollers because she has 3 northern breed dogs that shed constantly. Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire, and Jurassic Park nerd. Randomly puts down lens caps so Karin has to walk behind and collect them. Can be found at your reception drinking a kiddie cocktail that Karin has to go to the bar and order (poor Karin). Lives for the sweet emotional chaos of a wedding. Has come too close to falling off a cliff in Mexico to get a great photo of a couple.

Karin: Lives and breathes detail shots. Loves the Style Me Pretty weddings book (yes, there is a book and it is glorious). Super organized and a true lover of all lists and organization. Has to double and triple check the camera pack at the end of the night because Cathleen gets WAY too into shooting to pay attention to where she puts down her lens covers. Scared of snakes, not of spiders. Quotes Four Weddings and a Funeral (especially at weddings), but really loves the new Outlander series. Don’t let the quiet demeanor fool you – Karin is definitely the more opinionated of the sisters, but more subdued at weddings. Absolute green thumb that she got from Mom. Also some of the best wanderlust of the family and has no qualms taking a trip on her own. Cares more about a bread basket and slice of cake than her meal at a wedding. Dying for a European destination wedding. Would happily shoot your half wedding from a balcony.

All in all, we are quite different, but we even one another out. It creates a smooth, chaos free wedding day.

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