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Real Talk: Being an Entrepreneur

No sales pitch, no hype about my business. I’m just here to talk to you about all the people out there like me who are trying to run their own business. Whether it is a brick and mortar shop, working from home, something strictly online – I’m here to tell you this: IT IS HARD. It is. Every single business that you could open will be teeming with issues, problems, and pitfalls that you never saw coming.

What does it mean to me? It means wondering where my next booking will come from. Resisting the urge to full-on hug the couple that books me at a random coffee shop. Hearing the words “I follow you on Instagram and read your blog” and want to tear up in joy. It also means going from cash flow to cash poor if we don’t handle our money with an insane amount of skill. It currently means sitting in a crowded Starbucks because three dogs wanted my attention ALL MORNING no matter how long of a walk I took them on and I just couldn’t concentrate. It’s sitting in said Starbucks with a Light Source pamphlet placed strategically on the table JUST IN CASE a bride, groom, or anyone walks past. It’s checking google analytics at 2am and trying to find potential leads on every social media platform imaginable a few minutes later. It means editing so many photos on Lightroom that my E key on my MacBook malfunctions regularly. Like a lot.

This is my dream. I live and breathe it. Being a photographer describes who I am. I love the sparkling gems and fluffy organza on dresses. I always sniff the flowers on the bouquets. I cry during father daughter dances because I became a daddy’s girl in my 20s and never looked back. My soul would be crushed if I had to give this up so the struggle, worry, tears, and kicks to my confidence are all worth it. My husband and I put some massive life milestones on hold simply so that I could pursue my dream (which is why buying our first home last years was SUCH a big deal).

If you are an entrepreneur, keep hustling. Live your dream. If people tell you that you can’t make a living off of it, smile and remember that they may be saying this because they gave up their own dreams for more “logical” paths. That’s fine for them. Accept it. Just do it anyway. Not to prove them wrong, but because you love what you do or why you do it. Don’t be upset if people stop following you on Facebook or Instagram because you share your business CONSTANTLY. I’m proud that Jessica Simpson posted my photo. I’m excited to give away an engagement session. If someone can take a photo of a burrito and post it, you can post your It Works results or the amazing leggings that you are selling. Do it. Don’t give up. If something better comes along, by all means jump at that opportunity, but if this is your dream do it.


Thank you to my husband and sister who sit and listen to my rants when I’m upset, make me laugh away¬†my tears when I’m not feeling confident, and celebrate with me for every triumph. Best. Husband. Ever. Remember, sushi is for closers.

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