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For wedding photographers, there is wedding season and off season. Like some areas of the US, it feels like we have two seasons. Wedding season is a gorgeous chaos. If you love weddings, that is how you see it. Anxious couples, happy tears, and an occasional panicked email fills every moment that you are not […]

Prepare for a long story! We recently just got back from a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas. It was gorgeous, magical, and more (prior posts will gush all about it!). The one and only issue we had – everyone and their brother was trying to sell us something. We got the airport and I […]

As I’ve said in the past, for a person who desires to se the world, destination weddings are more of a gift than a job. I travel to gorgeous destinations and do the one thing that I love the most, photograph the emotional, beautiful wedding of someone. But now, I get to see someplace different. […]

You don’t immediately expect a couple from Madison, Wisconsin to decide to have their wedding take place on a beach in Cabo San Lucas, but once you are there, you quickly realize that it couldn’t have been more perfect for them. The entire backdrop of the wedding was a gorgeous combination of beautiful ocean, towering […]