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My idea for this styled shoot started off simply: when I talked to my husband about getting a home I told him that I wanted a fox. Yes, an actual fox. Matthew is BEYOND logical and said one thing “oh yeah, google it and tell me what you find”. Fox dream over. Are they incredible? […]

Karin and I have many loves – coffee, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, mouthwatering pizza, and animals. From a little kid reading and rereading my parents’ National Geographic magazines, I have always loved animals big and small. One of the best parts about photography is being able to share it for worthy causes. We spread […]

Sometimes you have no idea what to expect from a couple. Mark and Alyssa were that couple. I knew Mark was a pro golfer and I knew that I loved emailing with Alyssa. It wasn’t until I saw their amazing venue and was able to ride out onto the green with them in a golf […]

No sales pitch, no hype about my business. I’m just here to talk to you about all the people out there like me who are trying to run their own business. Whether it is a brick and mortar shop, working from home, something strictly online – I’m here to tell you this: IT IS HARD. […]