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I think one of the things that bothers me the most about being a photographer is hearing the horror stories. They start out simple enough “I’ve been married before and my photographer…”, “My best friend’s photographer was so awful…”, and even “She never got a single photo from her wedding because her photographer…”. It breaks […]

If there was ever a couple that you absolutely were dying to hang out with it was Lacey and Lars. They are a photographer’s dream. She is bubbly and funny with the best laugh that I have heard in years. I loved her enthusiasm. Lars looks at her in a way that makes every woman […]

Did you know that up until the last couple years, we never advertised that we were sisters? So worried that we would come across as unprofessional compared to scores of studios with total strangers partnered together, we didn’t tell many people. Some would guess – a super clever groom noticed that we have the same […]

Prep photos are the shots prior to a ceremony of the details that you meticulously searched Etsy, antique shops, and every boutique imaginable for. They are the shoes, jewelry, handwritten notes, grandma’s handkerchief, and more. In photography, they are similar to the opening credits. They set the mood and the scene for the day. Fine, […]