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From weekend weddings to elaborate engagement sessions as well as plenty of editing on the couch surrounded by dogs, this is a little in depth look at our lives, our loves, and everything in between.

Sometimes you have no idea what to expect from a couple. Mark and Alyssa were that couple. I knew Mark was a pro golfer and I knew that I loved emailing with Alyssa. It wasn’t until I saw their amazing venue and was able to ride out onto the green with them in a golf […]

No sales pitch, no hype about my business. I’m just here to talk to you about all the people out there like me who are trying to run their own business. Whether it is a brick and mortar shop, working from home, something strictly online – I’m here to tell you this: IT IS HARD. […]

Just a random thought very, very late at night, but it has been YEARS since I photographed a proposal. I will never forget the last one. It was on of my, now, favorite couples. She had no idea and thought that she was heading to her parents’ home to meet their new puppy. So, dog […]

I am very honest with my couples – while I may not love winter, I adore winter weddings. They are cozy and toasty. There are shimmering metallics in nearly every color scheme (which is my favorite accent for pretty much everything). The bride is wrapped with a shawl of wool or even fur – it […]